Thursday, July 29, 2010

A grand birthday for Kate

Tuesday was my bridge partner Kate's birthday. We met online to play bridge and vowed to bid a birthday grand slam -- all 13 tricks! Big talk, but could we do it?

On board #5, Kate held:
A K Q J 5 2 A A K 10 9 2 5.

I opened 2 which showed 5+ clubs, 11 to 16 points and possibly a second suit. Kate responded 2, an artificial ask. I rebid 2showing a four-card suit (I could jump to 3 with five of them). Now what?

I don't think there's any good way to bid from here, so Kate bid 4NT and followed with 7. Here are all four hands:

9 8
K 8 6 2
A K 7 4 3 2
7 3 10 6 4
Q 10 7 5 4 J 9 3
8 Q J 7 6 5 3
Q J 9 8 6 10
A K Q J 5 2
A K 10 9 2

West led the 8, a singleton! This has to be an awful lead. Does he really hope his partner will win the ace and give him a ruff? Haha.

Kate won and led a low diamond to ruff. West was now void, but couldn't beat my 9. Of course, I wouldn't have opened without that card, ahem. She now had 13 tricks: She took six spades, two hearts, two diamonds, two clubs and one ruff.

Plus 2210 was a nice birthday present for Kate worth 11.81 IMPs.

You can see all kinds of results on a deal like this, so I had to check. The board was played 79 times and a grand slam was bid and made 15 times. Three pairs went down in 7 and three went set in 7NT. One pair went set in 6, yikes! Three pairs played a spade partscore.

Results like this don't speak well for online bridge do they?

All the results are available here.

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