Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Save dummy's assets

Here's another interesting bridge deal from our friends at IPBA.

A 7 2
J 10 5 3 2
A 6 3
J 5
Q J 9 4
K 6 Q 8 7 4
J 10 8 Q 9 7 4
K 9 8 6 3 Q 10 7 4
K 10 8 6 5 4
A 9
K 5 2
A 2

South opened 1, North raised to 3 and South bid 4.

Do you agree with North's limit raise? I do. If he bid 4, North-South could miss a slam on some layouts. The North hand has eight losers, the way I count them, and that is defined as a LR. There are two losers in spades, three in hearts, two in diamonds and two in clubs. That's nine losers, but I make adjustments. You have two aces, but no queens. I subtract one-half a loser for each ace and add one-half a loser for each queen. Supposedly, this version of losing trick count comes from an old book by Milton Work. I don't use it as a bible, but more as an additional tool when I'm on the fence about what to do.

West led the J, and it looks like you have a loser in each suit because spades split poorly. How would you proceed?

You should win the diamond in hand, and cash the K. Your next step should be to abandon trumps and lead the A and another. West will win and continue with the 10. You should win in dummy and advance the J. Suppose East covers -- over to you.

If you ruff, West will overruff, cross to East's Q and another round of hearts will promote a second trump trick for the defense.

Instead, you should discard a diamond. All the defense can do is make one more trick with the queen of trumps -- the established 10 is available for a club discard.

Saving both of North's aces is key to making the contract. Simple when you think about it.


  1. This from the U.K. Daily Mail today:

    A company director who stabbed his wife to death after a series of violent rows over her bridge-playing ability was jailed for 23 years yesterday.

    Stephen Green, 52, a former world championship bridge player, stabbed wife Carole, 57, more than 100 times.

    He considered her to be a mere 'club player' and repeatedly belittled her skills in front of friends.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1298217/Company-director-Stephen-Green-jailed-23-years-killing-wife.html#ixzz0uxkj50e6

  2. @Wolynski: Thanks for the link! Amazing story.

  3. Wow, a pretty cool variation on transferring a ruff :)