Sunday, July 4, 2010

Warming up on the Fourth of July

I am going to play in a tournament at the Horseshoe Casino later today, so I decided to play in an online $1 sit and go to warm up. Golfers, baseball players, and all sorts of people spend time warming up before their competition, so why not poker? It gets your mind working in the right direction (or something like that).

The game was 9-handed and I folded the first hand, clicked on "sit out" and headed for the shower. After, I shaved and did my other morning hygiene stuff.

Finally, I got back to my sit and go. One player had already busted out, and of the other seven, I had more chips than four of them by just being blinded off! The low levels really are bad, aren't they?

An orbit or two after I rejoined the game, this deal played out (click to enlarge):

I love the smell of quads in the morning. I checked and the villain bet for me (I found out later he had K 7. The turn hit his king. I checked, he bet, I min-raised (alarm bells should go off for him that I have at least one 8), but he called, then called my small river bet.

On second thought, how is playing against these people going to "warm me up" for a real game?


  1. As I always say, "There's no accounting for stupid."

    Good luck in your tourney!

  2. I'm going to try your SNG technique. It would probably work at even higher buy-ins.

    Good Luck tonight. I fully expect you to money.

    Happy 4th, MOJO.

  3. Your question at the end is poignany for low stakes players who wish to succeed and improve their game. For you, it's like a morning stretch.

  4. Well, it ain't no morning stretch for me. MOJO I am not. However, I did use his SNG technique at PStars, $3, and came in first a few minutes ago! I waited until 3 players were busted before I played. Profited $10.

  5. Shades of the Pro's late arrivals to the WSOP

  6. So, did your warm-up help you?

    I was out swinging a golf club this morning, getting ready for Wednesday. Almost slipped and fell on my ass!

    I love the smell of bacon and eggs in the morning!


    Have a wonderful week!