Friday, July 2, 2010

How low can you go?

I recently posted about a slam that Kate and I bid with a combined 22 high-card points. You can see what I wrote here.

Last night, I played at the local club (we call it the local dups) with Brent, and we did even better! We bid 6 with only 20 HCP. I don't know the exact East-West hands, but here are ours (hands rotated and low cards are approximate):

7 3 2
8 7 6
A K Q 7 6 5 4
A Q J 9 6 4
A 4 3
10 9 2

West MOJO East Brent
3 Pass Pass 3
Pass 4 Dbl 4
Pass 5 Pass 6
All Pass

Note the double of 4 by East. This told our side that we were playing with a 30-point deck and helped us bid the slam.

West led the K which was ruffed in dummy. A spade was led to the queen, a club back to the board and the spade finesse repeated -- making seven! Notice that if the club was ruffed, then that meant the K was dropping so the contract was safe.

We scored 8 matchpoints which was a top.


  1. Does that last sentence mean you won?

    Re cheerleaders: No, not every girl must be a cheerleader, silly! It's a big school. I'd guess the competition to become a cheerleader is pretty tough.

  2. Happy 4th to you, too, MOJO. Be careful lighting off your sparklers! ;-)

  3. Believe you me....much lower...I was done once out of a small slam when my opponents condifently bid their grand on just 17 points. Well with one void opposite another, with loads of trumps at their disposal to ruff out and set up their only other long side was a re-enactment almost of the James Bond's grand slam onjust 5 HCPs. Yours HBG.