Monday, August 30, 2010

Do you like an overlay?

I admit it -- I'm a sucker for an overlay. When there's extra money in the prize pool, my cheap skate ways interest perks up. It's like you buy some ice cream from Ben and Jerry's, and they guy behind the counter says he'll throw in hot fudge and nuts for free. Yeah, kinda like that.

BamBam and PokerWit have set up a private tournament tonight with a $5.50 buyin. Poker Wit is adding $200 to the prize pool.

Altogether, one, two, three: A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Beside the gross gelt, there should be fun and good times, too. Remember: To bloggers, bragging rights are the nutz.

Time: 9:00 Eastern (but 8 p.m. Central, if you're on God's time)
Place: Full Tilt
Name: Poker Wit vs. Bam Bloggers (or look for Very Josie, then join her).
Password: bammir


  1. Should be fun. Bragging rights indeed!

  2. Mojo, Well said! Unlike me, you put all the pertinent info out there - I should just have you pen Very Josie posts for me!

    See ya tonight!

  3. Thanks Mojo! Glad to have you on my side for a change! ;)