Monday, August 30, 2010

Bubble boy

I played in the Poker Wit vs. Bam Bloggers tournament last night. There were 31 runners and top four got paid. Old MOJO busted out 5th, wouldn't ya know.

It was a fun tournament, even so, and props to BamBam and PokerWit for setting it up and adding some extra cash-ola to the prize pool

On my busto hand (above), I flopped top pair and moved in. Whatzhiznutz called with middle pair and turned two pair. That's poker.


  1. So, not this time. You money a lot, though.

  2. Crappy way to go out. Nice run, though.

  3. If I had known you like pizza so much I would have changed my post...

    I mean, really, did you have to take the picture?


    Oh,'s still there. Whew! You had me going for a minute!

  4. Nice finish even if bubble. Beats my 29th

  5. Thanks Memphis. Great to 'see' you as always!

  6. You are very clever. Tee Pee tires for golf carts. But, there's a problem...what's the "Pee" for?

    Oh. Never mind.