Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's 100 miles from Memphis the way the crow flies

She was in Memphis Friday night, then on to Sedalia MO on Saturday and Des Moines on Sunday. Then she will have a break -- one day -- before performing Tuesday in Tulsa. Sheryl Crow has a new band, a new album and is taking her show on the road.

The venue in Memphis was the Mud Island Amphitheater. Crow is promoting her new album: 100 Miles From Memphis, her seventh studio album. She grew up in nearby Kennett MO.

"It's actually 106 miles from Memphis, but I cheated," she said.

As with most of her albums, she wrote or co-wrote most of the songs.

The Rolling Stone says:
"Sheryl Crow grew up near Memphis, long enough ago to know the tradition of Stax/Volt and Hi Records firsthand – those labels' fusion of R&B, rock and country has always informed her best music – so the ease she brings to this explicit tribute isn't surprising."

The new material was exciting to listen to, but don't worry, she also sang her hits. In fact, Crow played for two hours, and didn't disappoint. The show was tightly choreographed, had amazing music, included a nice light show and was high-energy. Besides the great music, she did a terrific job connecting with the audience.

Along with an amazing voice, Crow showed her musical talent by playing the keyboards, the guitar, the harmonica and the piano. Is there anything she can't do?

Crow's final song during her encore was I Shall Believe. She sat at the piano with no accompaniment and played and sang. Near the end of the song, she raised her arm, and the band, on cue, joined in. The quietest song received the loudest ovation.

What more can I write about Sheryl Crow? She's a nine-time Grammy Award winner, she was engaged to Lance Armstrong, then broke up, and she's a breast cancer survivor. I guess I can also say if you have a chance to see her, go for it.

The opening act was another talented female: Colbie Caillat. I've reviewed her before, and you can read and see it here.

Next week, I'm going to see Maroon 5. In October it's Carrie Underwood. Stay tuned.

Images by MOJO and taken with my P&S.


  1. You can probably see great music every night in that town, eh? Big stage or small...

  2. @bastin: I'd say medium-sized. Not as big as FedEx Forum, but much larger than a club.

  3. I greatly enjoyed the photos. You caught things just right. Seemed almost alive.

  4. I remember when she was an unknown, trying to get gigs on the college circuit. How things change.

  5. You've turned into quite the musical culture vulture. Is Memphis still a crossroads for all kinds of music, like it used to be?