Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stop and smell the roses

I decided to take a one-day vacation today. In the morning, I loafed - recharged my batteries and all that. In the afternoon, I decided to take a field trip to the Memphis Botanic Garden. It was real expensive: $5, but I told them I was a senior and elgible for the reduced $4 ticket - they believed me! Unreal.

I took my camera and the collage above is a sampling of what I saw. Click to enlarge.

Of course, if you have roses and swans, you probably have thorns and ugly ducklings:

Click the above to enlarge only if you dare.

Images by MOJO and taken with my Canon 40D.


  1. Ahh, MOJO, you look like a happy man. Is that a glove on your right hand? What is it for?

  2. The fountain was excited to see you.

  3. @bastin: lol

    @crash: I had my P&S camera in a holster -- that's the black think you see (my hand is behind it)