Monday, August 16, 2010

Signs -- collateral damage

Ning, ning, ning, ning, NING...

If you've been in a casino, you know that's the sound of a slot machine. Somebody just won and he or she's smiling -- everybody is happy, right? Not so fast.

I'm not righteous or a do-gooder, but I do have eyes, and this is what I saw recently:

This above image taken inside one of the Tunica Casinos. Hypocrisy #1. This is something they are required to do. Basically a waste of time.

Above: I saw this sign, so stopped at the pawn shop on U.S. Route 61. There were hi-def TVs, stereo systems and DVDs at six for $20. I saw five fur coats and 24 shot guns (I counted). The most common items were diamond rings of all prices.

Above: See the driver's side window? No, it's not rolled down - there isn't one. Taken in the parking lot of one of the casinos.

Have a problem? Call the number shown above. Hypocrisy #2. Another a waste of time.

Images by MOJO and taken with my P&S.


  1. Yep, yet how often do we read a blog where someone writes about having such a problem and the life consequences? Had to hock their kids computer, so no. Maybe other know of some besides the Grub.

    People chuckle and shake their heads about certain pros who lose their winnings at craps but think nothing of stringing out one prop bet after another, like there's some honor in such antics.

    There's a reason I get that little tingle down below when I sit at a table. Brain chemistry is something we can't control. If we're lucky, we accept that and take it under advisement.

    OK, I'm done here. Thanks for bringing this up, MOJO.

  2. I know one true compulsive.

    He started as a tenant and I got to know him. Beside losing his paycheck weekly, he was bi-polar, alcoholic, and did time for attempted murder.

    He was also a good friend and would give you the shirt off his back when sober. He gave me hundreds of hours of work on the house. And later I'd hire him for all my painting -- his trade.

    But, I couldn't take his drunken side and quit being is loan officer for gas to get to work after he'd dumped another check at the boats. Occasionally though he'd hit. I had 17K in a shoe box in another bedroom that was his hiding it from his roommate.

    You can have all the phone numbers you want. The majority will never use them. He didn't feel he had a problem and still doesn't. Sometimes it was worse than others but he never was willing to face what he knew he was.

  3. Hello, Mojo. Cooler stuff should hit you tomorrow.

    The problem with the phone number is the texture of the game.

    Good post.

  4. Thanks for the congrats. Yep I did get rakeback. I used Thisisthenuts.

    Let me know

  5. It can't happen to me, luckily.

    Actually, much wisdom in your post and the great comments.