Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blogger money!!

It's like a universal truth that there's no money as sweet as blogger money. Yeah, and for the next month I have Very Jose Poker Tournament bragging rights.

I think a tournament must take on the personality of its sponser -- in this case
Very Josie. It was perky and fun, just like she is.

At the end, I was heads up with Rakewell, and we battled forever. First he got lucky, then I got lucky. Neither of us could take out the other. On the last deal, we were all in pre-flop. He had A 9 and I had K J, so he was a 57+% to 42+% favorite. The board ran out:
6 J 3 10 2,
and my hand held. I didn't feel jubilation -- more like relief. Third-place went to Thorn in side, who played great, so congrats to him, too.

Rakewell had a Royal Flush. My best hand (above) was only measly quad aces. I play so well.

Above was a big hand. I had two players ahead of me go all in and I was looking at K K. Sure, I could have run into aces, but I'm not good enough to lay these cowboys down. Show me somebody who does that, and I'll show you a loser.


  1. I have laid down Kings pre-flop.. and I was absolutely right my opponent had Aces. I think I have regressed to not being good like you and would call with them all of the time now.

  2. @Waffles: If you're playing live, it's different. You get to see the other player - how he looks, how he acts, etc. Online, I just figure if they have it, I'll go broke, no problem.

  3. Congrats on the takedown. I was looking for you at the Mookie - did you play that as well?

    I watched the 77 HU hands that you & Grump had - interesting EV spots for both of you...

    Again, congrats!

  4. Congrats Mojo!

    If I remember correctly, didn't you finish second in last month's VJ? If so, you're on quite a run.

    No way you're folding K-K with the effective stack sizes at the time. Either one of us, but me especially, could be shoving pretty wide. You're way ahead of most of our ranges.

    Well played sir. See you next month!

  5. Congrats Mojo - I just hope you're not at my table next month! Damn - have you ever not cashed in my tourney????? Oh yeah, that first one! LOL

    Well done AGAIN. You rock!

  6. @PokerMeister: I was playing online bridge as well as the VeryJosie, so skipped the Mookie. How did you do?

    @LuckiDuck: Thanks for your kind words

    @VJ: Thanks for running a fun tournament.

  7. It's always nice to win, and I always like to say I know a "winner."

    Re your comment on Ocala DP - there must be several thousand Baptist denominations...and millions of Baptist churches or varieties thereof...

    We have over 200 Baptist churches in our little town alone!

    MB's are most African-American.

  8. Very good - congratulations. How much did you win?

  9. I don't know about you, but those "beauty" products really put me off...I know I'm not beautiful so why do I need 'em. I need "ugly" products!

  10. Late to the party as always I'm afraid but just the same, congrats Mojo!