Monday, October 25, 2010

Blogger freeroll

I'll be in St. Louis at a Rams' football game on Oct. 31, so I won't be playing in the freeroll. I do want to support Poker Stars, however, for giving to bloggers, so I'm posting the badge you see.


  1. Um, I don't see the badge, but I'd like more info on a blogger free roll. Woot! Am I too late to get in?

  2. @Josie: I forwarded you the e-mail they sent me. Try writing to them. I bet you'd be added.

    Does anyone else see the badge? It works find for me.

    It's a script, so maybe there's a problem with it (such as if you're at work, your popup blocker thinks it's spam).

  3. Well that went and royally screwed the pooch. I found the page with the script and the rules. Unfortunately it doesn't fit in a sidebar and whenever I tried to put it elsewhere 1: it screwed up my formatting or 2: it keeps asking IE to DL a file from PS and when I do so I get an error. Finally trashed everything to do with it but now I still keep getting asked to DL that file. Guees I'm going to be busy for awhile trying to solve this massive F* up

  4. That is as dumb as it gets. Stars is doing poker bloggers no favors. SEOwise, that is about $250 worth of free ads. For that you get in a freeroll mostly populated by angle shooting bloggers for a day types.