Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poker pearl #51

The Oct. 20 issue of Card Player magazine (see scan of cover above) has an interview of 23-year-old online poker pro, Adam Sherman. It was pointed out that Sherman either wins the tournament or misses the final table altogether. His response:

"I think my results are a reflection of my playing style. Some top players are playing too passively at final-table bubbles. The major mistake they make is agreeing with the ICM* assumption that their chips are worth just as much as everyone else's. That's flawed thinking, because any good player knows he can accomplish more with a big stack thank any random player can.

"I understand that nobody wants to bubble a final table, but passive play is not going to get you the big money, which is reserved for the top three payouts."

*ICM (Independent Chip Model) is used to determine a player's equity in a given tournament, based on the percentage of chips he currently possesses, relative to the total amount of chips in play, the number of players remaining and the remaining prize pool.


  1. I haven't really followed the tournaments for a good while. Just one more "young gun's" name I won't need to worry over. There are so many one could sell programs and put out weekly updates.

  2. I don't really understand all of this but I wonder if you agree.