Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's worked out pretty well

"Six years ago, I was a senior in college and didn't know what I wanted to do," said Carrie Underwood at her show last night. "So, I did what anybody would do -- I tried out for a TV reality show," she joked. "It's worked out pretty well."

Underwood brought her show to Memphis Friday night. I bought my ticket last April, after the event was first announced. Good thing, too, as 20,000 plus fans showed up to a sold-out FedEx Forum. Yes, there were lots of young women in cowboy boots, but the audience cut across a wide spectrum of age and gender -- her appeal is wide.

Underwood played the piano and the guitar, but mostly she sang -- and did she sing! Listening to her voice on TV or the radio doesn't do her justice. It's amazing how such a strong voice comes out of a 5'3" frame. She sang powerfully and with emotion.

What did I like about the show besides the singing?
The band was excellent.
The staging was awesome.
She related well to the audience.
Nobody was short-changed -- the show was more than two hours long.

One nice touch was when she got in an old, blue pickup truck and was transported around the venue. I'm not kidding, see photo below. Even if you were in the cheap seats, you had a chance to see her up close. There were other stage props with gizmos that went up and down. There were two large screens on each side of the stage for close-ups. The backdrops and lighting colors were constantly changing.

Underwood has won more than a TV show contest (American Idol). She has Grammys, People's Choice Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and much more. It's hard to argue with her that it's worked out pretty well.

Photos by MOJO with my P&S.


  1. Nice write up, MOJO. The pic's were worthy of promo.

  2. @TenMile: Aw, shucks (he said blushing).

  3. I wish I had been there too!

  4. @Kate: Next time, you're invited! Heck, you're always invited.

  5. It is always interesting to see who from American Idol makes it ... and stays there.

    Talk about a great package -- looks, talent, personality. I hope she stays true to herself and continues to entertain for years to come.

  6. Mojo's got a girl friend.

    Mojo's got a girl friend.

    Wise man too...looked like a truly worthwhile ticket.

  7. I am very jealous! But thanks for sharing your photos (which are superb) and your reactions and feelings about her show!

    Great header photo! Just splendid!

    Ah...regarding the scarecrow: It was at Lois' hairdressers. Sorry. No DDS.