Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweet blogger money

Above: We all know that winning blogger money is the sweetest.

I played in the Poker Slut tournament tonight, arranged by Gadzooks64. It was a limit hold 'em tournament. I play the game occasionally at the casinos, but seldom in a tournament. Being a little unsure, I probably looked like the nitty old man that I am just tried to stay out of trouble.

I got lucky twice when the blinds were high. I am too lazy to look at the hand records can't remember the first one, but in the biggie, I held A-x of clubs and three clubs hit the flop. I play so good!

There were nine runners -- second was WendyWendy and third was ELM22. Sorry to report our host, the lovely and fun Gadzooks, was the bubble person. I'll link second- and third-place if someone will leave a comment.


  1. Even though it was limit, I applaud you again. And you are much better at bridge? Geez!

  2. Awesome! Nice cash. Good to see you're back at the tables.

  3. Aha! So glad for you! Don't know how you did it, but it appears you know your stuff!

    Re your comment on Ocala...I really thought she was looking at me take her picture, but couldn't tell...she made no sign of any kind. (I was ready to get up and run! ;-))

  4. On your blog pic, it shows you with an DSLR and a long lens. I think you shoot with a Canon, right? What is the focal length of that lens? Looks big!

  5. @Jacob: Yes, it's a Canon, 70-200 mm. You can read about it here.

  6. Re the truck: I don't think it was getting a new battery 'cause it was in the parking lot...

    But I do get a charge out of you! :-)

    Re: the lens. Nice! I've got a Nikkor 70-300 but I think it's a 4.5 so not so good in poor light.