Saturday, October 30, 2010

Think pink

The Memphis version of Race For the Cure was this morning. More than 16,000 runners signed up. Of course, all of them didn't run. Some saw it as a way to donate, some wanted the tee shirt and some just wanted to feel like they were part of the event.

Two ladies drove all the way from Connecticut to run. Why? Their goal is to run a Race For the Cure in each of the 50 states. Very ambitious, ya?

These three ladies above are being interviewed by Lamar Davis of Eyewitness News.

They had different categories from runners who wore a chip in their shoe to be timed, to runners who only wanted to run one mile to those who walked. The ladies above were walkers and stopped to mug for the camera.

The event was more like a happening than just a race. People were there with signs, costumes and all sorts of stuff. They had a guy play the bagpipes. You know it's serious when a guy plays "Amazing Grace" with the pipes. They had an American Idol finalist. But mostly, they had people who were out to have a good time for a good cause (Susan G. Komen Foundation).

First three photos taken with my DSLR and last one taken with my P&S. For the first one, I stood on a ladder to try and get a good shot, but the shadows were awful.

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