Monday, November 1, 2010

St. Louis Rams take care of business

Before the season, my brother told me the St. Louis Rams would win six games. I didn't say anything, but I thought he was crazy. They were just so bad last year, I couldn't see them improving that much.

I went to St. Louis Sunday to see the Rams' game against the Carolina Panthers (the Rams won 20-10). I like watching the games on TV, but I have to admit they are more exciting in person. Sam Bradford (above) was the No. 1 pick overall in this year's NFL draft. His reward? A contract for $50 million, and, so far he looks like he's worth it. (Click on any of the images to enlarge.)

The Rams didn't look like they were ready to win the Super Bowl, but they did what they had to do to win -- TCB. This put the Rams' record at 4-4 halfway through the season. Looks like my brother was right -- they are likely to win six (or more) games.

Don't have a ticket? No problem. A scalper and a fan (above) do some business.

The Ram defenders close in on Carolina Panther Steve Smith.

Above is one of Brandon LaFell's four receptions. He scored Carolina's only TD.

Photos by MOJO. The scalper was taken with my P&S and the others with my Canon.


  1. Go Rams!!!

    Bradford seems to be the real deal... on and off the field. Quite refreshing.

    Now, will they resist the urge to get Randy Moss

  2. And I imagine if your brother had told you the Rams would have three more wins than the Cowboys half way thru the season, you would have had him committed.

  3. @Wonka: I agree about Moss. He won't help them that much - they won't make the playoffs, even with him - so why mess up a good thing?

    @LD: Committed for sure! Amazing who well they've done and head-scratching how crummy the Cowgirls have been.

  4. Good to see the Rams doing better. Their games are on television here all the time, so at least watching them is more interesting.

  5. Nice photos, MOJO!

    And thank you for your expression of concern for our daughter. She is improving and we hope she can leave the hospital soon.

  6. Very nice - know nothing about football, but nice.