Monday, January 10, 2011

The not-so sunny south

They run to the grocery store and stock up -- at least that's what most of the people around here do when they hear snow is coming. It must be some kind of a hard-wired instinct.

I haven't heard officially, but it looks like we got three to five inches last night. That wouldn't be anything special for friend my Kate who live in Connecticut -- they're used to that. Everyone there has a snow blower and the city and state start plowing with the first snowflake. Around here, however, no one has even a snow shovel, so it's a big deal.

The office is closed! I get to stay home today!

By the way, this is my 800th post. Congrats to me, lol.


  1. 800 and counting.

    Congratulations! Keep 'em coming!

  2. Maybe I should take up poker and double my posts, then I might keep up with you. Congrats on 800!

    I'd lend you a shovel but we have more snow forecast here.

  3. Think of all the things you can do today to celebrate your 800th post! Snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights, shoveling that driveway!! Fun!!

  4. I keep running into authors of schooling articles asking why kids like snow days, in spite of knowing they have to make them up.


    Good pic, nice house, good snow. And, finally, have another 800.

    PS: Remember asking me why I wrote every day?

  5. Saw the forecast and was wondering how you were making out.

    Office closed sounds even better than school closed used to!

    Looked at the verification and read it as one word. Then I parsed it out. Yup, that's our Mojo!


  6. Yay! Love it when the office is closed!

    800th post......Congrats! I am looking forward to 800 more.

  7. Congrats, Mojo. Good to see that Mother Nature was kind enough to help you celebrate by giving you the day off.

  8. Hey buddy, congrats on your 800th. Always happy to see you pop up in my blogroll.

  9. Well done on reaching 800! Enjoying your blog on both games and the nice photos too.

  10. Is that your home? If so, I'd try to stay home more often! Congratulations on 800 posts! That's quite an achievement!

    And yes, lots of these horses in Ocala...all part of what's called "Horse Fever," celebrating Ocala being the "Horse Capitol of the World."

    Actually, there are 55-60 of these horses in various spots around the city. It was 55 a few years ago and I know some have been added since.

    You can buy small replicas of the horses in many stores...

  11. Damn dude! Lotsa snow! I'm looking forward to the next 800.

  12. 800 is awesome Mojo!
    Great work.