Monday, January 24, 2011

Okay, I'm ready

Online Poker

The first WBCOOP event at Poker Stars is today and the event is Pot Limit Omaha -- yikes. I can muddle through most poker games, but PLO? This could be a slaughter.

To get ready, I whipped out my dog-eared copy of Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide -- Tournament Edition and turned to page 288. Chris Ferguson was the author of the chapter on PLO. If you can't trust Jesus, who can you trust?

Playing before the flop:

1. There is no hand in Omaha like A-A in hold 'em where you can be a big favorite. Every Omaha hand is a drawing hand. Therefore, in late position and no one has entered the pot, you can open up your hand selection.

Here's an illustration: Ferguson says you should play 10% of your hands from UTG. If folded to you on the button, you should play 45% of your hands.

2. To protect your starting hands and to give your opponents the opportunity to fold, you should always enter the pot with a raise if it is folded to you. Ferguson recommends a pot-sized raise.

3. If there are limpers in front of you, Ferguson says he doesn't mind limping behind.

Playing after the flop:

1. Before the flop, most playable hands are pretty close in value. With each street they move further apart.

2. Your position is extremely important after the flop. It is more dangerous to give free cards in Omaha than in hold 'em. Because of this, the player ahead of you has to play in a straightforward manner. Because of this, you will have a better idea what the first player has and can act accordingly.

3. Bluffing does not play as large a role as it does in hold 'em. If you raised before the flop, however, and were only called by the big blind, you should generally bet if it is checked to you.

1. When you draw to less than the nuts (such as a flush draw), you need some other value in your hand (such as also having a straight draw or two pair).

2. You have to be willing to gamble to succeed in PLO. The hands are closer in value and it is harder to bet people out of the pot. You need to be willing to bet to put pressure on your opponents when you have a slight advantage. You also need to call reraises before the flop.

Jesus said a lot more, but these are some highlights. I wish I knew what I was doing. This really, really could be a slaughter.

Update: Looks like I'm not ready afterall.


  1. I played a practice plo game last night for just this reason. GL GL GL

  2. It sounds easy.

    STRIKETHRU I'm expecting a slaughter /STRIKETHRU

    Good luck.

  3. I played at a PLO table once with bastin. He said my play was "atrocious!" That was enough for me.

  4. Ok, I have no idea what you're talking about....and I thought I knew cards (ok, maybe I knew I knew nothing about poker)!

  5. Sorry Mojo hopefully tomorrow will be a better tourney for you. I hope to see ya in that one. Unfortunately I had to work and couldn't play today.