Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Queen for a day

What do you get when you mix one part perkiness, one part fearless poker player and one part all-around great person? Why, you get the one and only Very Josie, of course. Two words: bouncy personality.

Yeah, she cusses and talks tough, but when you look past that, you see a genuine and sensitive person. Notice what she calls her 11-year old son? Yep, sugar bear. That doesn't sound so tough, now does it? The talk is just a cover up - she probably wants to fool other bloggers. "I'm Italian, I'm from Boston and I'm in-your-face tough." Yeah, whatevah.

Well, guess what? She is tough, at least at the poker table! In the first WBCOOP event, playing PLO, a game she's seldom played, she finished third out of 540 degenerates other bloggers.


  1. Bingo -- you nailed her personality perfectly, MOJO. lol

  2. Mr Suck up at it again. You're as ba as Gary.

  3. Mojo - How the heck do you know the real me so well? lol

    I'll be bouncy for you anytime. Thanks for the shout out!


  4. Wolf, do you mean that I'm a sheep? hahahahaha...that's some funny stuff right there...comedy gold, my friends...