Friday, January 6, 2012

What if you gave a party and no one came?

Above: Noodles is a nice little Asian restaurant at the Horseshoe Casino. It's open on weekends.

I went to the 7 p.m. Wednesday poker tournament at the Horseshoe. This is a deep stack that is one of my favorites. Only eight runners signed up and it was cancelled -- boo! I've never seen this before, so I asked another player and she said she hadn't either. Once in a while a daytime tournament doesn't get enough interest, but never at night. I guess all the holiday weekend tourists went home, although there were plenty of cash games going on.

I jumped on the list for $1/3 no limit and they immediately started a new table. It was soft and I had doubled up by the time they called my name to move to one of the regular games. My big hand was when I saw 5 5 in the big blind. A guy from under the gun bet $13 and got one caller. Presto is gold, so I called, too. The flop was Q-9-5. I'd have rather seen A-9-5. I checked and the original raiser bet $35 and the other guy called. I had about $135 left, so moved all in and they both called! The turn was a jack and the river a rag. I showed my set and scooped the pot.

I moved to the (one of the) main game and had one other big hand. I had watched a guy at the first table raise and later show ace-rag. At the new table he raised to $13 and I was on the button with A K. I could re-raise, but elected just to call.

The flop was A 7 4. The villain bet $25 and I raised to $60. He thought for a while and called. What do I know? He has an ace, for sure, and probably not two pair (although he could be getting tricky). Can you say "kicker problem?" The turn was a rag and I bet $70 and he called. The river put three spades on the board and the villain bet $25. WTF? I know I'm a wuss, but I just called and he showed ace-rag, just like I knew he had, but not two pair or a flush.

After playing for a little more than two hours, I was up two buy-ins, and decided to call it a night. Less variance in ca$h games than tournaments, for sure.


  1. ahem, there's a Noodles restaurant at Foxwoods too.

    Congrats on the cash!

  2. should have raised river. No way he has the flush since YOU have the As.

  3. @Josie: There are Noodles out in Vegas, too.

    @Matt: Correct. Also, if he hit a flush, even a baby flush, he would bet more than $25.

  4. You have conquered the tournament world and are now looking to add cash games to your kingdom?

  5. I disagree on raising the river. Yes, he put out a defensive bet to lower his cost of a showdown, but that also means he was very unlikely to call a raise.

    So considering that the most you could squeeze out of him was very little with respect to the pot, raising loses EV in other ways.

    1. It gives him a chance to make another move, and you don't really want to be in that position.

    2. It denies you a table image precedent that you can use later if you want to make a move in a similar situation.

  6. Reading some of your posts is like trying to read Elizabethan English. I know it's English but I haven't a freaking clue what you're talking about! :-))

    Do you think there are Poker dictionaries?

    Sounds like you made a little money. That's always a good thing. Kudos to you. You could use it to buy some film but most of us don't use film anymore.

  7. Thank you for your very nice compliment! Made my day!

    I don't shop here, either...I guess I could if I watched their sales, but they sell mostly suits, sport coats, dress shirts, etc., and I don't wear those things anymore!

  8. Nice job on your cash games. Always nice to flop a set and get two people calling your push and not having to dodge two many outs.