Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Matchpoints are crazy

I played online bridge tonight. Blogger Michael Yuen and I had a nice game. He's a good guy and terrific bridge player.

Feeling warmed up, I played a second tournament, this time with Kate. On the last board I held:
A K Q 7 6 2 K 4 8 7 3 K 3.

Kate opened 1NT which shows 13 to 15 high-card points in our version of Precision Club. What would you do?

I knew we had 28 to 30 HCP, so slam would be a stretch. With that many points, it often plays the same in notrump, and it was matchpoints. MPs makes us do crazy things, so I bid 3NT. I've done that before and they've led the suit!

As you can see, if the A had been onside, it would have made slam. As it was, we made five and scored 84.4%.

The board was played 108 times. You can see all the results for this deal if you go here.


  1. Hmmm.
    You did the right thing.

  2. I'm glad you played the slam and dunked the ball in the basket! Oh, wait, that's another game! Sheesh!

    Re your comment today on Ocala: In the back of my mind there was rumbling about that door looking familiar...but you 'splained it to me and now I know why! Thanx!

  3. So, you embiggened the reflections, heh? Can you guess who the people are?

  4. @Lowell: I did embiggen. It looked like some guy and his wife taking a photo!