Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fancy Nancy, Captain Underpants and Talking Toilets?

Above: Two versions of Fancy Nancy. The one on the left is by fifth grader Valencia Davis. The one on the right is by third grader Laila Lewis. Which one do you like better? If you're not sure, click to enlarge. If you're not sure what the heck a Fancy Nancy is, keep reading.

The Memphis Downtowner, a great magazine, sponsors an art contest each year for students at the Downtown Elementary School, a Memphis inner city school for grades 1 through 6. This year the students had to draw a scene from their favorite story. I heard about it from Terre Gorham, Editor of the Downtowner, and the Bridge Bulletin proofreader.

The work was shown at the Art Village Gallery and the exhibit was called Me! and My Story. You can read more about it here. Maybe by now you've figured out that the words in my title are kids' stories. Captain Underpants?

It's important to the youngsters that their work is shown at a "real" art gallery. When they go to see it, not only do the students go, oh no -- the whole family is expected to attend.

I talked to a lady, Jodie Vance, who is the publisher of the Memphis Downtowner. She saw me taking photos and scribbling notes and asked me what publication was I with. I was too embarrassed to tell her I only had a web site, so I just said erm, uh, I was there to enjoy the exhibit. Actually, I guess I was telling the truth -- it was pretty cool.

Above: Spider Man (lower left) was drawn by Jarques Maxwell. The exhibit will be available through March 12.

Above: Football All-Stars was created by Ajeel Sohal, a fourth grade student at Downtown Elementary School (Memphis).

Above: The Diana Ross Story by Aminah Karim who is in the fifth grade.

Above: Third grader Victoria Barnes is proud of her art work seen behind her. I'm sure the experience is good for the young artist's self-esteem. Who knows? Maybe some day this young lady will be a NASA pilot or, perhaps, my physician.

Photos by MOJO and taken with my Point & Shoot.


  1. Since you are retiring in a few days, you better line up a few good physicians! You will have more time to think about your ailments.

  2. Such a different kind of post for you, my friend. I like it a lot. Sounds like a great program, and I do believe the arts is a great way for children to express themselves in a world where adults too often fail to listen to them.

    Great photos, too, with your P&S!

    So, you are about to retire? Then what? You could come to Ocala and buy a horse farm!

  3. @Crash: Yeah, when you get old, you get creaky or something like that, lol.

    @Jacob & Lois Anne: Originally was going to retire at the end of March, but they don't have a replacement yet, so it might be a little bit later.

  4. >>>Who knows? Maybe some day this young lady will be a NASA pilot or, perhaps, my physician.


    Looks like you have a lot of fun running around your city. Great post as always....