Sunday, February 27, 2011

I played in a poker tournament today -- live! I was shocked when I recorded my results later to see that the last time I played at a casino was New Year's Day. When I walked in, I felt some excitement. When you play all the time, it gets to be ho-hum. I was glad to feel motivated.

The tournament was the usual Horseshoe Casino $110 buy-in. Only 33 runners showed up. For the first four levels I sat next to an old guy who played just about every hand. If he limped and was raised, he would call. Once he showed 9 3 --sooted! At level 3, there were three limpers to him and he said: "I'm gonna raise." The blinds were 100/200 and he raised to 1350. My radar went up. Before now, he had occasionally raised, but never said anything. Now he says "I'm gonna raise"? One guy called, the flop was low cards, the old guy made a big bet and the other guy folded. I said to myself: Aces.

When the blinds were 100/200, I raised to 650 from the button with K Q. The big blind called. The flop was K Q-9, rainbow. I bet 1350 and the villain called. The turn was the A and he went all in! What would you do? Did he have J-10 and bet this way? Why didn't he try for the check raise? Did he have A-K or A-Q? Was he full of it? Anyway, I still had 30 big blinds, so finally folded. He didn't show, so I never found out what he had.

I was moved to another table and sat next to a yapper. Every hand -- gimme a break. If I had stayed I would have two pair. I can't call with 8-5 offsuit. Earlier I lost with trip aces. On another hand I won with 8 high. One and on he went. He would say something inane, then laugh, although there was nothing funny. I guess the nervous chatter was his way of relaxing. I tried to ignore him, but he wouldn't stop.

When the blinds were 500/1000/100, I raised in early position to 2500 with K Q. The same old guy again said, "I'm gonna raise," only the second time he'd said anything. He made the reviled min raise, also called a donk raise, to 5000. Now it would cost me 2500 and the pot was already 10,000. Mathematically, it was an easy call, but my read told me to fold, and I did. The old man showed K K. It's worth it to pay attention at the table.

My bustout hand was sad. I had 7 7 and limped. The big blind min-raised and I called. the flop was K 7 5, all clubs. The villain made a bet that would pot commit me, so I moved in. He turned over K K for set over set. The turn was another club. If a fifth club came on the river, I could chop! Instead the 6 fell and I was out.


  1. Oh how I hate the yappers. Nice read on the one guy who called out his raise and what a way to go set over set. One guy would clap his hands loudly before every frick'in hand. Glad my wife bought me those Bose Noise Canceling headphones even though they aren't 100 percent sound proof.

  2. Memphis,

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