Friday, February 18, 2011

Heading to Cromwell

Cromwell? Isn't that King Henry VIII's Chief Minister Thomas Cromwell? Well, it is, but it's also a town in Connecticut where a regional bridge tournament is being played this weekend -- I'm off to play with Kate for a couple of days.

We decided to warm up last night on BBO. I love the speedball mini-tournaments. Maybe it says something about my attention span, but 12 boards works for me.

We bid a grand on this board:

The two hands were good for our version of Precision Club and Kate claimed at trick one.

We don't have teammates for Sunday yet. If you ask us to play, maybe we'll bid a grand for you, just like we did on this one.


  1. That wasn't a slam. That was a slam-dunk! :)

    Retirement plans are changing you into a wild and crazy guy. Enjoy the trip and trophy.

  2. gl gl

    Are there river rats in bridge? lol

  3. I'll be playing the pairs on Monday. This is the tournament where I got my first gold points 11 years ago (playing on a pick-up team) so it will always be my favorite regional.

  4. Good luck. After ten years away from the game, been seriously thinking about playing again. Your blog has kept the idea percolating in the back of my head.


  5. great auction and good luck at the regional.

  6. Good luck Mojo. Enjoy yourself up there this weekend.

  7. I'm a bit disappointed you were gone when I was interviewing for your job on Friday. Bonne chance in Cromwell!

  8. Thanks to all of you who left comments.