Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It seems each time I go to Connecticut it snows, and this time was no exception. I wonder if I go there in August will it snow? The snow came after we played bridge, but it wouldn't stop addicts players from going to the Crowne Plaza Hotel where the New England KO Regional was played.

We couldn't get a Swiss Team, so just played Saturday in the Flight A Open Pairs. In the afternoon we were terrible, yet managed to score above average. In the evening we played better, so, of course, we scored below average. Don't try to understand how bridge works.

Sunday, Kate and I went to two movies. The King's Speech was great, just as touted. Sometimes a movie is over-hyped and can't live up to the hoopla, but we enjoyed it. Twice in the movie someone referred to bridge. "(So and so) isn't here. She went to play bridge." Stuff like that. If you go, listen for it.

We were still pissed nobody would play bridge with us had plenty of free time, so decided also to see Unknown -- this turned out to be a good choice. I expected something predictable, but I was wrong. Lots of action and twists and turns. If it were a book, you'd say it was a "page-turner."

Here's a deal from the Open (I was West, Kate was East). Our opponent bid 4NT, heard a 5 response and had no room to ask about the trump queen because hearts were trumps. 1430 anyone? Would 4 over 3 be kickback?


  1. I'd play with you guys Mojo but I am waaaay out of practice now.

  2. I read these and get a headache. When I played a bit, I recall that not playing for a while had a solid impact. A bit of rust is one thing but after my rusting for close to 50 years I feel like a cannon on some 15th century wreck. I need to be placed in a warm tub of water for a year or so.