Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fans go gaga over her

Lady Gaga is in town! The KFC Center is next to the Galt Hotel and the fans are here in force. I'm not sure which group is more weird: the bridge players or Gaga fans?

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Steinberg.


  1. Why not put up some photos of the Gaga fans and we can compare them with the bridge players.

  2. I think he did Paul. There isn't a wrinkle in that lot.

    But, WP!

  3. Having gone to the Stefani Germanotta concert last week, the answer is Lady Gaga fans. Think Rocky Horror Picture Show on mushrooms, but perhaps that's because Stefani is vegan.

  4. Nice pics, Mojo. I have to say, a few months ago I posted pics of kids made up to look like zombies and all I received were comments about lefty lemmings and the end of civilization as we know it. Folks having fun is always nice to see.