Friday, March 11, 2011

I plead the fifth

Above: The Galt Hotel is home of the Spring NABC. The Rivue Tower is on the left, the third-story walkway connects to the Suite Tower (not shown).

Brent and I had a good game Thursday afternoon (58+%), and a so-so game at night (52%) to finish fifth in the North American Open Pairs. We had mixed feelings. That was a good showing, but you're always left with an empty feeling unless you win. Most of our success was from taking a lot of tricks on defense, my favorite part of the game.

The Bart convetion came up twice. We got great boards on both. If you don't play it, consider adding it to your arsenal. Maybe I'll write up one of the hands when I get home -- too busy now as it's back to work.

You can read all the results in the Daily Bulletin at:

Above: Today, the bugler of Churchill Downs (Steve Buttleman)and a Col. Sanders look-alike (Don Decker) showed up to officially kick off the tournament. I don't know who that funny-looking old man in the middle is.

Photos by MOJO and taken with my point and shoot.


  1. Thanks for the trip report and good pictures, MOJO. Grats, also. Nice finish.

    Look very tired, sir. Get some rest.

  2. WPOM

    (That should confuse your bridge buds.) :)

  3. "Fifth" and Kentucky go together like ham and eggs. Congratulations for a nice showing.

  4. Congrats from Jenn and Bob! (Where have you been?)