Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ruff and a sluff at trick one -- ouch

Playing on OKbridge tonight, I picked up:
A A K Q 10 8 7 5 3 J 8 2 K.
Right-hand opponent passed and I opened a precision 1. LHO jumped to 2 and I almost fell out of my chair when partner, Kate, bid 3. With Brent I play transfer positives, even in competition, but with Kate this showed 5 or more hearts and 9 or more points.

RHO jumped to 4 (naturally) and I bashed to 6. LHO bid 6 (don't you just love it when they preempt and bid again when their partner could have anything) and Kate doubled.

Here are all four hands (rotated):

The opening lead was a heart. Declarer ruffed in dummy, discarded a club and led a diamond to his 10 and Kate's king -- we could no longer set the contract more than four. Plus 800 was -1.87 IMPs. If I had bid 7, East would have to find a diamond lead to set the grand slam.

The board was played 65 times and you can see all the results if you click here.


  1. Yes, well I did fall out of my seat when he pitched that club!

  2. I noticed the only 3 to bid to 7H all went down one but that's because W had the lead it looks like. It would have been difficult for E to find that lead I think and you were cold for 7 if he didn't. -1.87 was not a bad result for you since the opponents didn't let you play 6H

  3. @Kate: i usually don't have 8-card support for my partner's suit!

    @Neophyte: exactly -- our club system made the other hand declarer.

  4. Hi MOJO...are you retired now?

    Sorry I've not been by lately, but I'm back...

    I don't think our Sports Authority store ever heard of you, so they failed to erect proper protective poles. Should I warn them if y'all come to town? :-)

    Have a great week!

  5. Hi MOJO! Thanks for your nice comment today. I also meant to say that I like your header photo...must represent Memphis Ice, right? And is probably all gone now, right?