Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Robots love to falsecard

Playing with the robots is always an adventure. I believed I had learned most of their "tricks," then this deal:
2 A K 9 A K Q 10 5 4 2 Q J.
I opened 1, left-hand robot overcalled 2. pard passed and right-hand robot bid 3. I have a nice hand, but limited defense, so decided to bid 5. I've found if you pass and they bid game and then you bid 5, they always double. It passed out.

LHO led the K followed by a low one to RHO's ace and my 10. I led a trump to dummy, West throwing a club, ruffed the last spade high and drew the last trump as West discarded a second club.

West's void in diamonds was good news. I'm going down one or two, but they can likely make game.

I exited with the Q. West took his king, led another to East's ace. East led a third round of clubs, ruffed. West had shown up with five clubs, likely had six spades, so had a doubleton heart. I decided to play East for the Q 10. I led a diamond to dummy, advanced the J and East played the 10 under it!

Against a human, I would sneer at him and finesse, but a robot? Here's the deal:

I was down two for a 48.9% board. Notice that 4 was cold.

You can see all the results if you click here.

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