Friday, April 1, 2011

Fantastic opportunity for young bridge players

Above: The only thing I like to see better than a roomful of bridge players is a roomful of young bridge players. The Youth Bridge Camp was held at Lake Williamson last summer (near Carlinville IL). Campers from four states attended.

Bridge has gotten a bum rap as being a game for grandma -- not so! Young people are playing the game, too.

There's a fantastic opportunity for young bridge players this summer. Youth in grades 5 through 9 can attend a six-day bridge camp for $230 -- a bargain. The third annual Youth Bridge Camp, sponsored by Chris and Mary Beth Shaw, will be held June 26 through July 1. There will be classes and games for players on all levels, even beginners. For details, click here.

If you know kids who are interested, pass the word. Besides bridge, there will be swimming, boating, hayrides, volleyball, fireside cookouts and $100 bills handed out. Well, just kidding about the Benjamins, but the rest is true.

Bridge is the ultimate card game. I play poker and lots of other card games, so trust me when I say that poker is like a nice Toyota Camry, but bridge is like a fancy Mercedez Benz. Um, well something like that.

Photo taken from the Youth Bridge Camp web site.


  1. I was very surprised at 1) the fact there were actually bridge camps, 2) the low cost, and 3) all the other activities for young people.

    Sure as hell beats Bible camp! :-)

  2. My kid was going till you took back the part about the benjies...

    That looks like a pretty rough bunch. I'm glad they're off the streets.

  3. @Jacob: Bridge players were generous to donate to subsidize the cost.

    @Blaargh: LOL