Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stop and smell the orchids

Above: The Japanese Garden is a popular destination at the Missouri Botanical Garden. (They call it MOBOT for short.) Notice the snow on March 27 - are we having crazy weather this year or what?

Last weekend, I visited the Orchid Show at the MOBOT in St. Louis. They claim to be the oldest botanical garden in continuous operation in the U.S. The say it's "An oasis of great beauty in the city (and) is also a place of research, conservation and learning."

I met one brother and one sister and we went together. Besides the beauty of the place, it was an opportunity for three siblings to enjoy fellowship together.

MOBOT is proud of its orchid collection and you can read about it here.

You may click to enlarge.

Photos by MOJO and taken with my Canon.


  1. Etymology of 'orchid' explains I don't know what

  2. Beautiful photos - I'll be enjoying one for a few days as it's now my desktop background. ty

  3. Lovely...we have another blogger, Tricia, who lives in Missourah and frequently posts photos from the botanical gardens. I've long been impressed with how beautiful they are!

    That first photo is a real winner!

    Glad that you got with your siblings, goes by so fast and I've missed lots of those opportunities in the past.

  4. Sorry about the snow Mojo, I'll gladly give you 10 degrees from here to melt all that. Nice pics

  5. I've been wanting to drop you a link - it's a personal site for a farm wife/writer for a paper. She hosts a thing called Sunday Stills.

    It's a group of bloggers (card players I dunna) that photograph and post the result each sunday the selected subject. There are about fifteen sites that periodically post their photos for each other.

    Right now the ladies site is not responding. If you''re interested, I'll try remembering tomorrow if she comes back up. And you'll be able to follow her link ring and select a fav site.

  6. Came back for a second look. MOJO, your subjects and your photography are top-notch.

  7. Thanks to all for your kinds words!