Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's play ball

Above: The members of the CDRL prepare (yesterday) for the 2011 fantasy baseball draft.

I love baseball. I know some people think it's too slow-moving, but that's one of its appeals -- just go to the ballpark, sit back, buy a hotdog and enjoy the game.

One thing that makes it more exciting is to play in a fantasy baseball league. I'm in two (plus some public online leagues that I play in so I can practice with their mock draft). One is with bridge players from Raleigh, one that we started it back in the Eighties. It's a straight draft and we redraft each year. I'm (ahem) the defending champ -- bragging rights with bridge players go a long way.

I'm also in a local Memphis league (CDRL) with keepers, an auction and 12 owners. This is my seventh year. Three years I was in rebuilding mode and did lousy. Twice I was second and once I was fourth.

We hold the draft at various places. One of the owners was the Director of Communications with the Memphis Redbirds (the AAA club of the St. Louis Cardinals) and twice we've held the draft at Autozone Park. Cool, no?

The guy left the Redbirds to start his own business and since then we've moved to other places. This year we met at the Fogelman Executive Center on the University of Memphis campus.

I won't bore you with my team -- I'm rebuilding this year and I have a lot of duds prospects, lol.

Do you play fantasy baseball? Do you prefer a straight draft or an auction?

Image by MOJO and taken with my point and shoot. Have P&S, will travel.


  1. Good Luck. With all this rebuilding are you sure you aren't the Pirates?

  2. @Wolfshead: well, the pirates are always rebuilding. On the other hand, I occasionally have a real team, lol.

  3. Not playing any fantasy baseball for the first time in several years. I've done decent in the past, winning my division a couple of times, only to falter in the playoffs. It's a lot of fun, but I just didn't think I had enough time to really give it my best this year.

    Best of luck with your team this season. Hope you win the bridge players league again!

  4. Baseball is OK. I've played a lot of it in my time. I don't watch it on TV, though. Boring. But I agree about going to the ball park - that's another whole thing and very enjoyable.

    Thanks for your very kind comment today!

  5. I played fantasy baseball once very long ago. I play fantasy football every year and have been since 1997. Auction drafts are fun but require a lot of skill to do well. Baseball doesn't do it for me anymore and it hasn't since the strike in 94

  6. Fantasy baseball?! JEEBUS! I refuse to play fantasy football because of the time needed to do it well. I couldn't imagine baseball.

    On a wholly unrelated note, I wanted to thank you for the comments on We Delivery. Wifey Kim gets a special joy knowing someone is reading and is compelled to comment. Much thanks.

  7. Wow, not only bridge but fantasy baseball. You have some time intensive hobbies. Good luck in your "rebuilding" year.