Monday, June 20, 2011

76 trombones

Above: The Rio Casino is the home of the WSOP.

Several people asked my how does the payout system work when you cash. Well, first I had to bust out -- oops. Then the dealer announced it: "Payout on Table 369 seat eight."

A staffer came to escort me to a stage nearby where a clerk asked me for my Total Rewards player's card. She gave me a sheet of paper and directed me to the Player Services area, just down the hall. There, a facilitator directed me to another clerk who wanted to see a photo ID.

"How would you like this, cash or check?"
"I'll take a check."
"We can give you part check and part cash. We'll do it however you wish."
"Just a check, please."
"You're just below the limit. We won't have to take out any taxes."

I wonder what would happen if I just won the Main Event. "I'll take that $8 million in cash, please. Benjamins will be fine." Haha.

The facilitator directed me to another clerk (there were several) who also asked for a photo ID. She confirmed my address and passed paperwork to a different worker.

I had my check and was out of there quickly. The whole process took less than five minutes -- very efficient.

Above: The WSOP is the mother of all poker tournaments.

Above: The dealers waited while the players were on break.


  1. When I cashed and was asked how I would like my winnings, I told them to just drop it on my Total Rewards card so I could go blow it all on slots.

    The guy smiled, looked up, and said..."So cash then?"

    (and no i didn't blow it on slots, I'm a poker player, not a gambler)

  2. That's pretty funny bono. Good you didn't get one of those zombies with no sense of humor...

    congrats again mojo.