Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some things in Vegas are free

The downtown casinos struggle to complete with the newer and fancier ones on the strip. The Fremont Street Experience is their way to draw tourists and players to their area of the world and it works.

The Fremont Street Experience always has one band. This one looked better than they sounded. They weren't bad, just not great.

Carl "Safe Sax" Ferris has performed on Fremont Street for 11 years. Other than the light shows, he's my next favorite thing/person to watch and listen to.

The light show begins on the hour at nights.

There are plenty of performers in costume. You can have your photo taken with them, if you wish -- they work for tips. Notice I managed to keep my eyes looking straight towards the camera.

Photos by MOJO and one passerby. I used my point-and-shoot on the second and third ones and my Canon on the others.


  1. Any good old boy would be able to detail the type of grin you have on your face in that last pic.

  2. I would title the last picture "Three Boobs and a Pirate"

    JK. Congrats on the deep run in the WSOP!

  3. They did an interview about you mojo!


  4. @KenP and @LuckiDuck: The "boobs" were some kind of a fake thing she wore -- they look real, don't they? Well, maybe not.

    @Blaargh: LOL

  5. I can see your eyes, but where was that right hand? And what about after the picture was taken?

    Looks like you had a big time in the old town that night!