Friday, July 29, 2011

Mixed team event in the books

Above: The Sheraton Centre Toronto (as seen from the CN Tower) is one of the playing sites for the North American Bridge Championship. Click to enlarge.

My squad came in third place in the Mixed Board-a-Match Teams. I played with Cindy Bernstein and our teammates were Sally Wheeler and Buddy Hanby. We were more than three boards out of first, but less than one-half a point out of second.

You can read about it in the Daily Bulletin here later on tonight.

It was a pleasure to meet bloggers Jennifer Jones and Bob Klein. You can read their blog Jenn Bridge if you click here. Jennifer has a great booklet on losing trick count. If you're interested in elevating your game using this tool, check out how to get one from her at the web site.

The next two days will be the Roth Swiss Teams. I have the same group, but we've added Danny and JoAnn Sprung to make a six-bagger.

Image by MOJO and taken with my Canon.


  1. Congrats -- I guess. You are speaking a foreign language, sir.

  2. No gold bracelets?
    Haven't won as much money either.
    But, people can play online bridge.


  3. Well done Mojo, well done indeed. Swiss Teams were always my favorite, good luck on that.

  4. @lightning: yeah, bridge has its own jargon.

    @KenP: People don't understand the attraction of bridge because there's no reward other than what we call "ego points."

    @Neophyte: Thanks.

  5. Nice seeing you and congrats on the nice games.