Saturday, July 2, 2011

Who knows? It might have been a juicy murder trial

I've never been on a jury, but would like to. What goes on behind the scenes? How do the different personalities of the various jurists mesh -- or not! Is it like you see on TV or is that just Hollywood's version?

Today I got a summons (see scan above). Unfortunately, it was for July 25 and I will be in Toronto for the North American Bridge Championship or NABC as we call them, so won't be able to serve.

Have you ever been on jury duty?


  1. The arguments in the jury room are way beyond the arguments in the courtroom. Way beyond.

    More tiring also. Courtroom you're listening to someone else tell a story; in the jury room, you actually have to explain your reasoning at times based on the story you heard in the courtroom. Tiring.

  2. Sometimes you wait ... and wait ... and wait.

    Only ended up serving for one actual trial one time. We knew the young kid was guilty, but the prosecuters put on a crappy case. Not guilty.

    If you get on a jury, it is interesting to hear AFTERWARDS what stuff wasn't allowed during the trial.

  3. Two and a half months on a civil trial. Everyone said they wouldn't pick me because I'm a lawyer. There were TWO lawyers in our jury. Craziness!

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  5. No, but I know my number is coming soon. I have no interest... someone can fill me in. Hahahaha

  6. Nope! I did respond to one invitation but was never called.

    Yesterday, I would have put everyone connected with the stupid Casey Anthony trial in jail! CBS in Orlando (from which we get our TV) showed the trial instead of the golf tournament. I'm sure that's illegal!

    Hope you're back soon!

  7. Had jury duty twice. First time I was foreman in a civil trial, where we found for the plaintiff. Verdict was overturned on appeal.

    Second time was criminal. Guy was obviously guilty of something, just not what he was charged with. So he was found not guilty.

    I was lucky that in neither trial did the jury deliberations last long.