Thursday, August 25, 2011

One down - Cake Poker delivers

This small check arrived by UPS today -- quite fast, actually. Fast, that is, from when they said they were sending it. Not so fast from when I originally asked for it (last May).

I wonder why Cake didn't just say "We're trying to find a way to pay you, but we will pay you," instead of the other rigamarole that each e-mail said.


  1. Finally. Have a beer.

    Light reading from your area:

  2. @Morning Thunder: I'd expected to get the Bodog check, but this one was dicey.

    @TM: You'd think the feds had something better to do. Amazing.

  3. I don't think showing the company and routing is a good idea. Especially if you think you might want another check. It is a sure bet the feds would like that info.

  4. Congrats. Getting any money out of our current online choices is a major victory.