Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poker site withdrawal updates

I asked Bodog for a cashout of part of my money. Here is their reply (which sounds good, but your check is in the mail is sometimes a big fat lie):

RE: Payout Reference Number 3460070

Thank you for your recent payout request dated Mon, Aug 22, 2011 for the amount of US$ 800.00.

Your payout has been processed for the approved amount of US$ 800.00. Please note that it may take an average of 7 business days before you receive your payment.

Bodog Payouts Team

I haven't received anything from Cake Poker. I originally requested a cashout in late May, and have followed with an e-mail about once each month. Below is their latest reply to me. It sounds encouraging, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Hello David,
Thank you for your email. Please note that your cashout will be completed shortly. As soon as it has been completed we will email you to confirm it for you.
Kind Regards
CakePoker Cashier Department


  1. Their response is certainly promising. I have my fingers crossed for you.

    btw the title of this misled me. I thought you were talking about having withdrawal symptons from lat of online poker sites. lol

  2. I would not be waiting by the mailbox every day if I were you ...

  3. I predict you will find Bodog payouts to be fast and reliable, no muss no fuss.

  4. No trip, MOJO. I ruptured the quadriceps tendons in my left leg when playing golf in Tennessee 5 weeks ago. Stepped out of a golf cart parked on a slope, hit a wet board; right foot went straight out, left leg folded underneath. Ouchy!

    Surgery is Thursday...I should be playing golf again in 3 months! I hope!

    Take good care. I'll post again soon - just don't know when!