Monday, August 29, 2011

One down, one to go

Above: The beautiful Beau Rivage is the venue for the Gulf Coast Poker Championships.

There were 308 runners in Sunday's No Limit Hold'em Tournament here in Biloxi MS located on the Gulf of Mexico. Twenty-seven of the 308 cashed and I finished 15th -- you always hope to win, but I did outlast 293 of them.

It's nearly 3 a.m., so this will be short.

When we were down to three tables, a young guy with 40 tattoos had 400K chips where most players had about 100K. Another guy limped in for 8,000, I called from the button with 10 8. This big stack guy was in the big blind and he raised to 40K. This is a huge overbet, so it's obvious the guy smelled weakness and was being a bully. Would you call? (I had about 80K at the time.)

Before I had a chance to decide, the limper (another young gun) reraised all in for about another 40K. I folded. The big stack in the big blind turned over 8 6! And, he wasn't afraid to call the all in (who had K Q and won the pot). I know it's good to be aggressive, but these young guys are fearless.

My bustout hand? I had A J and ran into big slick.

Tomorrow is another event starting at noon -- a seniors No Limit hold'em with a $230 buyin. Maybe I'll do better against the geezers.

Above: This is an image of the shot clock when the bubble burst.


  1. COngrats David. And no I would not have called with the 8dTd but I also may not have limped with it, knowing I had an aggro bully to my left in the BB.. I would have considered shoving or folding.

  2. Congrats on the cash and the deep run Davey! You must go to Vegas in December - I want to play a live tourney with you.


    Congrats on another deep run1

  4. Actually, Dave, I am surprised that you called on the button with about 11 big blinds left. You were not wary of the BB with the big stack raising? Had he been letting people limp in?

    And, of course, no way you should call the raise with 80K behind you.

    It seems like pushing A-J or A-Q into A-K or A-A when short stacked is about standard. Do these people not know that A-J is da nuts for bloggers?

    Good finish -- wtg!

  5. Wtg Mojo, nice cash. Good luck in the next tourney