Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some days M&Ms melt in your hand

Above: Some of the 220 runners in Event No. 4 (the Seniors) at the Gulf Coast Poker Championships.

Things didn't go very well for me in Monday's poker event. The second level (blinds 50/100) a player raised to 300 and two called to me on the button. I had J 10 and also called. The flop was 10-X-X and the original raiser made a CB of 800. The other two folded and I called. The turn was great: J!

The villain bet 1200 and I called. He seemed confident, but I had a little surprise for him. The river was a rag that couldn't have helped either of us and he bet 3000! I shrugged and (cautiously) only called. He turned over 10 10 for a flopped top set.

It was unfortunate that not only did he have a strong hand, but the turn hit me. Thinking about it later, I wondered if I should have raised the turn. Even so, I'll still end up losing about half my stack.

My ex-wife plays poker, and when I discussed it with her later, she thought I made a loose call pre-flop. Do you agree with her? I was on the button and we were deep-stacked, so I thought it was a normal call, but maybe not.

I built my stack back up, but several other unfortunate hands left me short-stacked during level 6 and I shoved with 7-7 and got a call from a big stack with J 9 and he hit a 9 to take me out.

Geezers: They wore headphones, sun glasses and ballcaps, just like the young guns. I did think they were a friendly bunch -- lots of joking around and having fun. One guy spotted a Tournament Director who was female.

"Massage lady, over her," he called out jokingly.

"F**K you," she mouthed. Apparently they knew each other and she was smiling.

"Yes, that works!" he exclaimed. "My day is getting better and better!"

There were vendors including a crew, shown above, who took photos for the players to purchase.

Above: I believe I read that the Beau Rivage (they call it "The Beau") was originally a Wynn property. No wonder it's so gorgeous.

They sold sun glasses and the guy above is trying on a $100 pair. Maybe if I had won, I would have splurged and bought a pair? Nah, probably not.


  1. Calling 300 early on the button with the VJ with deep stacks seems to be okay.

    Funny how the turn seems to screw us so many times. I remember long before I played more hours live how that type of turn card online would raise suspicions of a rigged RNG. lol

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  2. You know how I feel about that hand. It's a very respectable call.

    btw did you know that J-10 is the only holdem hand that can make four nut straights? Tell THAT to your ex-wife! ;)

  3. As to being criticized by the ex, she may have mistaken you for Waffles.

    Cardwise, I think we could talk more about how to play TT early. Limp or raise.

    Your hand: It is early and there isn't any pressure. I've fold, limped raised, cried with those cards getting win, place, or show outcomes.

    Without premium cards, I think it is more about the table and what has happened by the time it got to you.

    We can get one of those little cards and play the most advantageous blackjack with rote use. That ain't poker.
    If you are playing a rote game, it is as dumb as playing TT early, JT late, AA limped, KK getting raised ad nauseum. I'll bet all of us have done those hands in a non-standard fashion with mixed, horrid, fantastic results.

    That Poker. :)

    It'd be more fun if you were playing online and won with that hand and the chat box monkey attacked:

    You F*** idiot! How could you play XX against me? You don't have a f***ing clue A** hole.

    Damn I even miss that...

  4. I am alright with your call in a multi-way pot... However I do not think the flop hit you hard enough to continue on.

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