Monday, October 17, 2011

The Cardinals fly high

The Cards are in the World Series! Admit it -- you didn't think they could do it, right?

It starts Wednesday in St. Louis. I couldn't go that day, but I scored a ticket for Game 2, Thursday.

If you click the image above, you might look for Section 233, Row 8, Seat 1. Not the greatest view, but you'll be watching on TV and I'll be at the game. Nuff said.

Above: Everyone knows the NY Yankees have won the most World Series. Did you know the Cards rank second? For a list of previous winners, check out Wikipedia here.

Photo by MOJO and taken last Wednesday with my Canon.


  1. In 1964 I was in sixth grade. The Series was played during the day, and back then the teacher rolled a TV into the classroom so we could all watch. Even though I lived in a Chicago suburb at the time, I was the only Card fan in my class, all of those loser Cub fans opting to root for the Yankees. No doubt, you know the rosters at the time.

    Game 7 was sweet, even though I was chased home.

    Enjoy the game.

  2. Wave so we can see where you are sitting.

  3. The Cards sure are peaking at the right time. To win the World Series they will have to beat the best team in baseball. Should be an interesting series.

    How did you get your World Series ticket? When the White Sox were in the World Series I lucked out by calling Ticketmaster. Only a few thousand seats were on sale to the general public and over 100,000 people were calling for them.

  4. Congrats to the Redbirds Mojo.

    Attending a WS game is on my bucket list. I had a couple of tickets to Game 5 of the Astros/White Sox series a few years ago, but my team went out in four games, so I never got to go.

    Sorry, but I'll be rooting for the Rangers in this one :)

    Have fun at the game!

  5. Woot! I was thinking of you when I saw they won.

    This is not a terrible first year of retirement, eh? :)

  6. @bastin: I'm one of the few Card fans who also likes the Cubbies.

    @KenP: I'll wave and give you a big smile, too.

    @lightning: for the two playoff series (Phillies and Brewers) I got my ticket by going to and tickets were not that expensive
    - for the WS, I went to stubhub and paid through the nose.

    @TenMile and LuckiDuck: Thanks.

  7. @Josie: Thanks. Life is sweet right now.

  8. Mojo, I'm not surprised that you like both. So affable you'll go the long haul with the perpetual underdog, don't I know.

    An uncle of mine had I t-shirt that read something like "I'm a Cardinal fan... or for any team that is playing against the Cubs." He passed away this year, so to avoid being haunted, I'll stay staunch.

  9. Have a great time Thursday--go Cardinals!

  10. You lucky dog! Should be an interesting series. I hope you take a bunch more photos. What Canon do you use? I have an S95 which is fantastic and I just bought a SX40 which has a much longer zoom but otherwise is like the S95. They're both great. Mostly, though, I use Nikons.

  11. @Jennifer: Thanks.

    @Lowell: I have a Canon SX200 that is an upscale point and shoot, see here:

    and a regular camera, a Canon EOS 40D, see here: