Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where are we going and what's a handbasket?

"Bowl projections: LSU will face of with Oklahoma State"

This was a headline in the online USA Today that I just saw. Face of, really? Things like this seem to be worse now that more writers are using the Internet. Perhaps they don't take the time to proofread.

Typos are rampant in printed media as well, and seem to be getting worse. The latest issue of Card Player, an excellent poker magazine, has a sub-headline that says the Commerce Casino "sits nicely minutes from downtown Los Angeles." It might be a nice drive, but I'm sure they mean 90 minutes.

The most recent Bluff magazine had a ton of typos, as well. Is it asking too much for a second person to take a look before sending to the printer?


  1. I could use a prof reader.

    In the meantime, thank god for spell checker. It saves me from being committed.

    I've a proof reader of sorts installed. It keeps telling me I write with a passive voice.

  2. I agree that few people take pride in their work and relying on spell check isn't the answer, as "of" and "nicely" won't be picked up there.

  3. How come Playboy doesn't make all these typos? Yes, I read the articles. There are pictures too? What da ya know.