Saturday, February 4, 2012

I miss poker -- or do I?

I didn't play poker while on my recent 11-day vacation to Florida, so I've had the itch to play.

Yesterday, I played in an online tournament and was knocked out 35th (just out of the money) on a bad beat. I tried again this morning in the 10 a.m. ($12+1) tourney on Bodog, erm Bovada. When there were 22 players left (27 got paid), I picked up A K and made a standard raise. A guy with 15K shoved. I started the deal with about $27K which was around an average stack. I called and he showed A-10 off-suit -- sweet. The turn was a 10, so not so sweet. I tried to get back in the game with a shove holding 4 4, and called by A J who hit a jack on the flop. C'est la vie.

I tried one more time. There is a live tournament at the (Tunica) Horseshoe Casino each Saturday at 4 p.m. with a $160 buy-in and 30 minute levels -- a good tournament. I showed up 10 minutes early and they had sold out. I could be alternate No. 30 and wait, but decided to skip that -- another bad beat, lol.

I stopped at Harrah's on the way home and saw the flyer (shown in the image above) for a WSOP Circuit event that must have started while I was on vacation. I want to watch the Super Bowl, so Sunday is out. On Monday, I have a doctor's appointment, so that's out, too. Tuesday is a 6-handed game. I'm not a fan of those as you have to play more aggressively than I like, so it doesn't suit my nitty old-man style. Maybe I'll go play Wednesday or Thursday.


  1. You are sure right about the uninformed. Did you read the article the other day which described a study which indicated that people who watch a particular TV network are less knowledgeable than people who watch no news on TV? Heh, heh! That was pretty funny!

  2. @Lowell: I didn't read that, but not surprised. Very funny, hilarious, acutally.