Friday, February 17, 2012

Would you fold kings?

Above: I've been running hot, then red-hot and now white-hot.

Don't you love the discussions that ask: "When is it right to fold kings pre-flop?" I'm sorry, but I'm not good enough to do that. Maybe, if I were playing live and had a good read on a player, I might? Notice I said 'maybe' and 'might.'

Early in today's Bovada $12+1 MTT, there were four limpers to me and I had: K K. I raised to twice the size of the pot (around $350) and the first limper moved all in. That's how many players (mistakenly) play A-A, so you fold, right?

I don't think so. The screen-shot below shows why it's almost never right to fold K-K pre-flop:

Above: At the final table, I picked up 2 4 and made my normal raise (2.5 times the big blind). You're asking why? Well, top players know a secret that you won't find in books or instructional videos. The mighty 2-4 is the strongest starting hand in poker. If you haven't heard of this, add it to your arsenal. You can thank me later.

There was one caller. The flop was A-J-2 and I made a standard continuation bet. The villain check-raised me. I have a confession to make -- I folded. Yes, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I did. I hope this guy can forgive me for my heathen ways. I'll try to do better next time.

Above: Three handed, I had the villain covered, all-in, and on the ropes. An 8 on the turn was brutal.

Above: The busto hand. K-J < Q-3, ouch.


  1. I see why you didn't win. Bodoggie is screwing with you. Yesterday you were player0036 and today you are player0070.

    YOU WAS DEMOTED, BRO! I'd contact their support to see why they did it!

  2. Limpers, villains, flops, heathen...I wonder if there is a special dictionary for poker?

    Sounds like there may have been some chicanery going what Ken says!

  3. If the might deuce-four isn't working for you, it's just not your day.

  4. Really man? Busted out in 2nd?

    I'm pretty ashamed to say I'm following this blog religiously.

    Tomorrow I expect some better results.

    Also, sometimes you get unlucky with 2-4, The best hand in Poker can't hold up every single time.

  5. I am deeply ashamed of your lack of faith. Turn and river were going to give you quads deuces.

  6. @Grouchie: I'll try and do better.

    @Rakewell: I'll try and do better.

  7. I think there are A LOT of spots where you can fold KK pre-flop, you just have to improve your game to find them. :). It takes a really good read and skill at reading people to laydown KK pre-flop...

    ..sometimes it might be easy though, such as on the bubble of the final table when you have the 2nd biggest stack and your opponent has the biggest and he check raises you all in pre-... that's a tough spot and even if he does not have Aces it might be an equity fold...

  8. Spring is in the air. You better get here before it gets too hot!