Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chop, chop

Above: The Delta Gold Poker Classic is being played at the Gold Strike Casino.

I entered Event No. 15 of the Delta Gold Poker Classic yesterday. There were 152 runners who each paid $240 to play with 10,000 in chips. When we got to the final table, I was the second-shortest stack. I watched as players with plenty of chips took chances and got knocked out (and I advanced up the pay scale). When there were four of us, I was down to five big blinds. A timely double-up was the ticket, then I doubled up a second time.

One guy had a massive stack, but he doubled up the second-largest stack. The second stack now wanted to chop (divide the prize money that was left), and he talked the big stack into doing it. The big stack got the trophy and his picture taken. That's nice, but money works for me. All four of us got nearly second-place dough.

KenP, get the concrete boots ready.

Above: This is the shot clock when play ceased with four of us chopping the prize money. (It says there are five left, but it hadn't been updated.)

Above: If you click to enlarge, you might see that this tournament was a World Poker Tour Satellite event.

Photos taken with my P&S.


  1. Just what I was thinking. :)

    Sparky is building forms as we speak.

  2. Wow
    Glad you took your vitamins!

  3. same as above (wasn't signed in)

  4. So tell us MOJO -- are there tournaments in which you do NOT cash? Congrats once again!

  5. @Xwing: I think in my case I took my Geritol.

    @lightning: LOL.

    @KenP: I prefer the boots. Sparky is too scary.

  6. "When we reached the final table..." Bien sur, mon ami.

  7. En feugo once again! Good game, sir!

  8. 2nd class dough makes good bread!

  9. Congratulations! Chopping as a short stack is a GREAT feeling... :)