Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A milestone: Post No. 1000

Above: The cover of Card Player magazine dated Jan. 11.

The following advice is from ca$h-game player Andrew Seidman (shortened and slightly paraphrased):

There are three player types. I look for Bad-Aggressive players. They are easy to spot: They raise far too large, they're in every pot, and they show down hands like J-4 offsuit. I know there's a limited time until they're going to bust.

The next player type is the Bad-Passive player. They don't put money in the pot with total air. They only lose large amounts of money when they make a hand, but you make a better one. Beating this type player is easy, but it takes a while. They're easy to spot: They open limp a lot and they miss value bets with their strong hands. These players are often older and sit without a full stack.

Then there are the Good-Aggressive players. They never open-limp, always keep a full stack, often reraise preflop, push heavily with their draws, etc.

After an orbit or two, I can usually put everyone into one of the three categories, and make a plan of attack from there.

* * *
This is my 1000th post. Congrats to moi, the MOJO man.


  1. He missed the one that is most deadly. The one who makes you guess wrong about his category.

  2. Congratulations on one thousand posts and here's hoping there are many more.

    Will you be playing bridge in Memphis or can you not afford to stop cashing at the table?

  3. @KenP: Exactly.

    @Paul: I'll be playing all 10 days. Partners are: Michael Yuen, Kate Burton and Cindy Bernstein.

  4. Congrats on #1000!

    btw -- Are you losing your touch in poker? I have not read of a major tournament cash in the past four days or so ... ; o )

  5. I've read 1,000 of your posts? Time flies. Congrats.

  6. Good luck to you on your next thousand!



  7. Congrats on the big 1k man - next goal - 1k poker posts and 1k bridge posts!

  8. One thousand posts! And they said you wouldn't last! Sheesh. What did "they" know.

    Just kidding. Congrats. Now I'd like to see you on the cover of that poker magazine fronted by a whole big stack of chips!