Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's an overlay? Sounds dirty

Above: Every little bit helps build the bankroll.

This guy left a comment: "Are you losing your touch? I've not read of a tournament cash in the past four days." Ha ha, very funny.

I slept late this morning (retired life is really tough), got up around 11, then logged onto Bovada. A $10+$1 tournament caught my eye. It had a $1000 guarantee, but only around 70 runners had signed up. They needed at least 100 to break even. (The tournament ended up getting 83.) Bodog, er, Bovada has to make up the difference and this is called an overlay. No, we're not talking about sex here.

Being a cheapskate a guy who likes a bargain, I decided to play. Besides being a good deal, maybe I could score and shut up my detractors let the readers be impressed know I'll still alive and well.

My favorite deal was when I raised and two short stacks pushed all in. I had J J and called. They both had A-K. I need not have worried -- the flop was the J and fourth street was J -- yes, quads. Unfortunately, I didn't get a screen shot.

Overlay (Poker Glossary)

An overlay occurs when a poker room has to add money to the prize pool in a poker tournament. Suppose a poker room runs a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool tournament. The buy-in is $100+$9, and only 800 players enter. Normally, the prize pool would be $80,000. Since the poker room guaranteed the prize pool would be at least $100k, it would have to add $20k to the prize pool. This additional $20k is considered the overlay.

Above: The busto hand -- I had A-6, he had K-8 -- all-in preflop. This is one of those 60-40 deals (my favor). An 8 on the flop was a killer.


  1. Glad to see you could super-size lunch.

  2. One day I plan on being as good/lucky as you sir