Monday, April 2, 2012

Enough poker for now

Above: This was a shot of the shot clock when I busted out of the final event of the Delta Gold Poker Classic. Monday's event was called "The Farewell Shot," a good name.

I played poker again today and busted out just short of the money. I was 13th and 9 of the 112 entrants got paid. It was a $135 buyin with 10K chips. My bust out hand was K-10 vs. 7-7. The 7s held.

A guy I know had a big chip stack. When we went to dinner break together, I asked him how he got them. The villain had A-9. The final board was A Q 9 98. My friend, Marcel, moved all in and the villain called with 9s full of aces. Marcel had J 10 for the straight flush.

When we were down to two tables, two players were all in at the other table. One had A-A and the other K-K and a king came on the flop. Live tournaments are so rigged.

I have to say I've enjoyed the tournaments, but I'm about pokered out. Playing is fun, but the hours are long. Tomorrow I'm going to work in my yard -- time to pull some weeds and work up a sweat.

Above: The Gold Strike, an MGM property, was the venue for the just-concluded Delta Gold Poker Classic.

Above: Tournament staff get some of the 12 tables ready for play Monday.

Photos taken with my P&S.


  1. Playing poker and going to some fancy casinos is not just about gambling and money. Its about fun and rewarding yourself after all your hardworks to your job and family.

    1. Not only didn't you win it, the guy above spammed you. How the mighty have fallen.

  2. @KenP: They say any publicity is better than no publicity. I guess any comment is better than no comment :)

  3. Funny that the A 9 was the losing hand at the start of 'Rounders' also...

  4. Any publicity, eh?

    Looking forward to congratulating you on your next perp walks. :)

  5. Sounds like it's better to be Good AND Lucky eh? ;-)