Thursday, May 24, 2012

Raleigh update

Above: The Raleigh NC Hilton is the playing location for the Tarheel Mid-Atlantic Regional Bridge Tournament.

Wednesday, I played with Xwing in a flighted Open Pairs and we came in 9th. We had a few gifts. One pair bid Blackwood, got the answer, then asked for the queen of trumps. Their partner didn't know what the bid meant, so passed. Five diamonds down five vulnerable was a rather good board for us.

Today, I played in a Knockout Teams and advanced to the final four to be played Friday. I didn't stick around after the game, so I'm not sure who we're playing. I do know it's not the team with Meckwell. They had already finished and drew another squad (not us).

Photo taken with my P&S.


  1. My bridge knowledge is limited to having driven across them, but good luck!

  2. So, a flighted tournament is for those who have their own planes? I think we get the knockout one.

    I am starting to understand. Bridge players arrive at the game rich. (I saw the shot of the museum with 'The Commodore' standing beside the wheel of his motor yacht.) Poker players come to the game to get rich.

    Horseshoe Hammond:
    Every Tuesday & Thursday at Noon
    $100 Buy-In / 3,000 Starting Chips
    $10 Bonus Buy* / 1,000 Extra Starting Chips / 20 Min. Blind Levels

    Every Friday & Sunday at Noon/Every Monday & Thursday at 7pm
    $200 Buy-In / 5,000 Starting Chips
    $10 Bonus Buy* / 1,000 Extra Starting Chips / 30 Min. Blind Levels

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