Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Those crazy bots

Playing with the dumb robots, I picked up:
3 A J 7 A K 6 5 A Q J 7 4.

I opened 1, left-hand robot bid 1 and partner doubled. I'm not sure if the bots understand reverses, but I tried 2 anyway. LHO bid 2 and partner doubled.

What now? I don't think pass is right (it wasn't), so I cuebid 3. Partner raised to me 4! Ooops.

I tried 6 and partner bid 6. I corrected to 6NT and partner bid 7, I kid you not. LHO overcalled spades and rebid spades so I'm not sure how I can have spades.

I bid 7NT and West doubled. Here are all four hands:

For -500, I scored 5.43%, so I had to look and see why this wasn't a zero.

One player passed 7 and went down 500. One passed 6 and went down 600, and one player bid 7NT, got doubled and went down 1100.

Partner passing your cuebid is a nightmare. Partner stubbornly raising a cuebid is just about as bad.

* * *

There's a regional tournament in Raleigh NC this weekend. I lived in that area for 21 years, so I'm going back to play some bridge and visit old friends. From there, I'm traveling to St. Louis to see a Cardinals' game (they play the Phillies), then to Chicago with my sister, Kaye, and her husband to see a Cubs' game (the Cubs play San Diego). Wrigley field is on my bucket list. I was born in Chicago and have never seen the ivy -- that's not right, and has to be corrected.


  1. Bridge bots addressed with disdain as special -- only using the more recent definitions.

    Poker bots terrorist plot to take all our money. Evil genius on the prowl.

    Well, maybe. There are those Darwin Finch to consider.

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